"3 Little-Known Secrets to Dramatically Reduce or Even Eliminate the Time You Spend in Programming Rock-Solid Events!"

Do you know how you can quickly and easily save 30% or more of your time in looking for quality entertainment, celebrity speakers, dynamite entertainers AND novelty event-themes, without even breaking a sweat?

Have you heard of how you can dramatically reduce your time by 25% or more in preparing complex and frustrating contracts and riders for your events?

Were you aware of the one secret the most successful event programmers use to virtually eliminate their time spent on making travel arrangements by an incredible 75% or more?

All of these questions and more will be answered as you read this section entitled..."3 Little-Known Secrets to Dramatically Reduce or Even Eliminate the Time You Spend in Programming Rock-Solid Events!"

Let's cut right to the chase...

How would you like to program amazing, high-impact events that your campus will never forget -- and do it all in one-third of the time it would normally take?

I know, it sounds "too good to be true", doesn't it?

Well, it's not. In fact, hundreds of Campus Event Programmers across the nation are now becoming highly respected celebrities in their own right, simply because they know the secret that Booking Agents and Talent Management don't want you to know -- and hope you'll never find out...

Imagine Power Performers savingb you time by helping you and by being an extension of your event planning team, knowing what you want, and building a relationship - we're interested in becoming a partner to you.

I'll soon reveal this secret to you, but first let me ask you a quick question...

Do you currently book your entertainment directly, or do you work with agencies to do it for you?

I want you to think about this question, because as you read this article, you'll begin to realize just how much time and money you could be wasting right now on these methods alone...

Our nation-wide survey revealed that out of 102,393 campus events that were held, a jaw-dropping 7.5% of all speakers and entertainers actually showed up late -- or NOT AT ALL to the event!! (Do the math. That's an astounding total of 13,652 campus events that were doomed to failure just last year!)

It goes without saying that if you're booking your entertainment directly and this happens to you even once -- your job as an event programmer could very well be destroyed... (when booking entertainment directly, if your speaker or entertainer doesn't make it to your event, you have *zero* protection and all that money, time and energy is gone forever!)

Therefore, it was always known as a "good idea" to book entertainment through Booking Agencies and Talent Management...

In fact, out of the 1,497 Campus Event Programmers surveyed, an incredible 99.7% claimed to save valuable time by working with a professional speaker or entertainment agency. However, 98.5% said that poor communication from booking agents and talent management was their #1 frustration...

But what could possibly cause so much frustration when dealing with agencies who are supposed to help you save time & money on your events? -- I'll tell you three little-known secrets about agencies right here and now...

Here are the three biggest frustrations with booking agencies & talent management -- and what you can do to eliminate them completely...

Frustration #1: Agencies Are Very Poor Communicators

As too many Campus Event Programmers have already discovered, when you go with a Booking or Talent Agency that doesn't deal exclusively with Campus Event Programming, they don't have a clue what your individual needs are for your events. They're so busy booking all types of other events, they don't have the time to get to know your particular situation and are not able to give you the personal attention you need to make sure you're making the right decisions...

Not to mention, they can't offer specialized services to you as a Campus Event Programmer, because they're "all tied up" in other areas of business.

This means that you may not get the special attention you need to ensure you're programming a great event -- this could cost you dearly in the long run, in both time, money and respect as an effective event programmer!

Frustration #2: Agencies Are NOT "Negotiators"

Let's face it. If you've ever worked with a booking agency or talent management, you may have found them to be somewhat "non-negotiable" -- Once they have their price in mind, there's almost no way to get them to go any lower. This can be a major frustration for you, because you want the best of the best in entertainment, but still want to stay within your budget...

Choosing to go with agencies such as these could burn up your budget faster than you can say, "I've been robbed!" -- And once you've realized this, it could be too late...

Here's a sad fact: Over 70% of the event programmers we surveyed admitted to dealing with this frustration every time they've booked entertainment through an agency!!

Luckily, many of them will never have to deal with this problem again, because they have finally learned the secret that we're about to reveal to you...

Frustration #3: Agencies Don't Do Travel Arrangements

That's right. And you know this if you've ever worked with an agency. They leave it up to you to handle all the travel arrangements for the speaker or entertainer you've booked through them...

Now, is this fair?

Wouldn't it be great if there were some way that you could eliminate every single one of these problems and more, saving you tons of time (30% or more) loads of money and mountains of frustrating situations in programming your every event?

What if I were to reveal to you the very secret the Booking and Talent Agencies don't want you to know -- and hope you'll never find out?

Here's the secret...

Use Full-Service Event Planning Every Time You Plan Your Events!

But what is "Full-Service Event Planning", you ask?

This is a very specialized service, exclusively developed for Campus Event Programmers that will provide you with:

  • Event Coordinators that will streamline your event planning and execution to perfection, saving you valuable time and ensuring your event is a knock-out success
  • Results-Driven Promotional Materials for your events that will make sure you fill the seats and pack the house -- every time
  • Budget-Enhancement Systems that will help you stretch your budget, often by as much as 34% or more
  • Student-Entertainer Matching Services that will help you choose the best of the best in entertainment, celebrity speakers and novelty event-themes, while staying conservatively within your budget
  • Contract and Rider Development Services that will actually generate all the paperwork to make the contracts easy for you and hassle-free
  • Travel Arrangement and Planning Services that will virtually eliminate the frustration of having to make the travel arrangements yourself

...And the best benefit above all is that when you decide to take full advantage of "Full-Service Event Planning" -- you get all these added services for FREE!!

Now is that cool or what?

"That Sounds *FANTASTIC* -- But Where Could I Possibly Find A Service Like THAT!?"Glad you asked!

What if I revealed to you a toll-free phone number you could call right now and learn even more about "Full-Service Event Planning", including where to find them and how to use them to immediately slash your programming time by 30% or more -- in only 7 minutes and for FREE?

Just imagine, in only seven minutes from now, you could learn the little-known secrets of Campus Event Programming that will save you one-third or more of the time it takes to program rock-solid events -- every time.

Here's exactly how to do it in three easy steps...

Step One: Pick up the phone and dial toll-free: 1-800-320-9650

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