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Scott Flansburg

The Human Calculator, Guinness World Record Holder & Elite Edutainer

About Scott Flansburg

Scott Flansburg, known as The Human Calculator (a nickname given to him by television star Regis Philbin) is an educator, speaker, Guinness World Record holder, bestselling author, and star of The Human Calculator on the History Channel.

The Human Calculator has been teaching math and entertaining people around the world and on television with his superhuman skills for more than 25 years. Scott earned this nickname as a result of his remarkable abilities to perform rapid mathematical calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots and cube roots with amazing speed and calculator accuracy using only the power of his brain.

Scott is a multi-award winning Guinness World Record holder for the "Fastest Human Calculation" which includes correctly adding a randomly selected two-digit number (38) to itself 36 times in 15 seconds without the use of a calculator (faster than a person could do with a calculator). According to a recent scientific study, his mental calculations are faster than his ability to speak the answers.

Now an elite "edutainer," Scott travels the world speaking to educators, parents, corporate leaders, and thousands of kids each year, teaching them about math and even showing off his world record abilities. His mission is to help people improve their basic math skills regardless of their age, and convince them that math is fun. Scott is an accomplished author of two very successful books published by HarperCollins, 'Math Magic' and 'Math Magic for Kids.'

Scott frequently makes appearances on many of the leading talk, radio and news programs including: The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC's The Today Show, ABC's Good Morning America, Stan Lee's SuperHumans, Discovery Channel's More Than Human, Dateline, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Larry King Live, NPR, CNN, ESPN and USA Today.

Additionally, Scott has been the featured keynote speaker for many major corporations, organizations and events including: NASA, IBM, Polaroid, Unocal, Math Counts, Software Publishers, Tony Robbins Seminars, The Smithsonian Institute, Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as thousands of appearances at schools around the world.

The Human Calculator , Scott Flansburg, is dedicated to helping both students and adults to overcome their fears related to mathematics. He believes everyone has the ability to be great at math, and has dedicated his life to unlocking the power of human calculator in you.

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