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Richard McClendon


About Richard McClendon

Bio: Magical Entertainer Richard McClendon II mixes amazement and wonder with magical illusions to make your mind and brain work.  Richard's infatuation with magic began at the age of 10 years old when he saw a magician on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was Shimada's Dove act. It sparked a curiosity that he had never felt before.

Mark Wilson and Harry Blackstone Jr. were among some of the magicians Richard loved to watch. He would often spend time and his money, of $3.00 he earned per week from cutting grass, at Snyder's House of Magic. He would practice daily until he could make the magic come to life. His favorite magician of all time is Del Ray.

A Shaker Heights native, Richard now travels the country performing and amazing all ages and audiences. It's not unusual to catch glimpses of Richard on country-wide television broadcasts or performing his One Man stand up show: Close Up Magic. Whether performing stationary or strolling your local street fairs and art festivals his entertainment is always professional and interactive.

Whether you're having a children's birthday party, company picnic, family reunion, business meeting, trade show, corporate mixer, fund-raiser, business reception, even a wedding, RW Magic shows are custom tailored to your event. Magic helps make your event memorable and brings people together who might otherwise have little in common.