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Pete Michaels

Celebrity Ventriloquist

About Pete Michaels

"Celebrity Ventriloquist" may be an unlikely goal to aspire to, but Pete Michaels has earned the title.

A native of New York City, his sweeping career spans decades and includes live appearances at major Corporate Engagements, Comedy Clubs, Colleges and Casinos around the country. TV stints include Comedy Central, Conan O'Brien, Showtime At The Apollo and many more. He has taught Ventriloquism to Adrien Brody, Judith Roberts and Russy Simmons for the major motion pictures Dummy, Dead Silence and MTV's hit show Run's House. Michaels was TWICE honored at the International Ventriloquist Convention with the W.S. Berger Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Ventriloquism. He also appears in the pop band MGMT's video for their hit "Flash Delirium." The video was nominated for Best Rock Video at the MTV Video Music Awards.

That's right kids. He's made ventriloquism hip again!