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Ideal entertainment for Welcome Back Week, Spring Fling, Freshman Orientation and other campus events. Expect event success with College Power Performers! Your campus will LOVE the entertainment you've booked!

Drag Show

Have a drag show on your campus!

Featuring these FABULOUS "raging queens" plus the raging queens on YOUR campus!

The Raging Queens bring some of our most fierce and unconventional glamour to your next campus affair. The Raging Queens have even made a recent appearance on Project Runway!

2 Types of Drag Shows to choose from or combine them both together.

  1. Have your students have a Drag Queen content with a professional drag Queen MC and freaky prizes!
  2. A full blown professional drag show with 3 Raging Queens!!
  3. Or both together!

This WILL be the MOST ATTENDED event on your campus GUARANTEED!