MTV Cast Members

Syrus, Jose, Brooke & Robin

About The MTV Cast Members


Syrus: Syrus is a highly recognizable entertainment and media personality with extensive television, music video, radio, on-stage lecturing, video game production, event emcee and behind-the scenes casting experience. Over time he has developed a fan base that appreciates him for his personal views, real-life experiences, fashion style and cultural preferences. His time in the spotlight on MTV's The Real World Boston has allowed people to connect with him personally not just as a fictitious character. His way of life embraces harmonious coexistence between all social and cultural groups and while living in the moment.

Syrus shares his experiences with his audiences while focusing primarily on diversity, relationships and conflict resolution. He has received extensive presentation and reading training from the Points of Light Foundation, a Washington, DC based, non-profit organization working in communities throughout the United States through a network of over 500 Volunteer Centers. Syrus has appeared on thousands of radio shows across the US, even selected television talk shows, and is often invited to emcee special events and concerts. He also recently signed to play professional basketball for the ABA (American Basketball Associations) Hollywood Fame basketball team in 2008.

While his touring has taken him to all of 50 states that comprise of the USA, he has hosted successful events at nightclubs in every state at least five times. Syrus has also appeared internationally in countries such as England (U.K.), Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Jamaica, Berlin, France, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, and Finland. Currently Syrus is on tour with restaurant Burger Kings The Next Best Move hitting 41 cities over a time period of 19 weeks from February 2010 ongoing until the present.

Robin: Robin started out on MTV's Real World San Diego.She then moved on to Battle of the Sexes 2, Inferno 2, Gauntlet 2 and the Duel. She has hosted various shows like Room Raiders and the Internet Denver After Show.

Robin also speaks on various topics about alcoholism and conflict resolution.

Robin is sure to be the perfect addition to your campus event. College students will respond to her enthusiasm and charm, creating a great atomosphere. Most importantly, Robin will help to make your next even a big success!

Jose: Jose was raised in Brooklyn, surrounded by drugs and violence. Being strong-willed and never one to take the easy way out, he broke free from those negative influences. He is currently a Senior at Florida State University and lives in Tallahassee, Florida. At only 22 years old, he holds his Real Estate Brokers License and owns multiple rental properties.

They call it a hard-knock life for a reason. Brooklyn, NY, a borough with more discarded needles than cull de sacs often has summer nights filled with the sounds of gun shots instead of crickets. They say ducking such hard knocks can be difficult, but Jose Tapia, 22, opted to flourish rather than flounder.

In 2006 the MTV community was introduced to Jose with the 17th season of its popular reality show, "The Real World". Despite conquering Key West with his witty personality and humble charm, Jose has maintained a sense of remaining down-to-earth unlike so many other television personalities.

Realizing the self-empowerment of education, Jose has continued working towards the path to a bright future. Currently finishing his senior year as an undergraduate, Jose successfully juggles ownership of multiple rental properties with regular appearances at universities and night clubs.

While his lecture topics have been described as powerful and captivating, he is equally popular with nightclub event promoters thanks to his distinctly attractive looks and outgoing, classy personality.

His ever-increasing resume has transcended reality television and now includes modeling swimwear for Speedo and even hosting a four-hour broadcast block as VJ (video jockey) on MTV: Latin America. "I've been blessed! It's amazing what a little hard work and dedication can do," says a smiling, excited Tapia.

Brooke : Brooke LaBarbera comes from Nashville, Tennessee. She was raised by two clinical psychologists in a secluded environment. She has come a long way from being a southern gal. She is a total extrovert who is very much in touch with herself.

Ultimately, she became part of the reality show The Real World season 18. This show gives her the opportunity to further express herself and uplifts her chances of reaching stardom.