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Mike "Mack" McKenna


About Mike McKenna

Bio: Mike McKenna, or "Mack" as he is known to his friends, decided to do stand up comedy as a diversion from his full time job as a Police Sergeant. His first step was taking a comedy class, which he feels got him going in the right direction. Actually that was supposed to be it; The class, the graduation show and a graceful ride off into the sunset. But the excitement of getting in front of a group of people, with the sole purpose of making them laugh, was an addiction he couldn't shake. Mike also likes to reason that he has cleverly found a way to do what gets him in trouble at work and make people laugh without getting suspended for it!

Mack's self-deprivating style and interesting views on many aspects of life, will make anyone laugh. From being a Police Officer, to being a single, middle-aged, balding, divorced Dad, to his views on getting older. Mack has something for everyone.

Mike has performed at many major clubs and colleges across the United States. He is eager to bring his show to you.

No crowd is too small or too large, no distance is too far. He has even had the honor of performing for our wounded heroes at the Walter Reed Medical Center in D.C.. Mike is also currently involved in Comics for Courage, a show dedicated to raising funds for the Wounded Warriors Project.