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About The Ghost Hunters


Ross Allison: Ross N. Allison is a 30yr ghost hunter in the state of WA. He is the president & founder of AGHOST. Ross travels all over the country investigating haunted locations and lecturing on ghosts. He teaches ghost hunting 101 & 201 at Tacoma Community College. Read More...


Jeff Davis: Born in Vancouver, Washington in 1962, Jeff is in fact related to his namesake, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy.

Jeff is an Army brat who grew up playing in and around the Vancouver Barracks. This led to an interest in the military and history. Late night horror movies led to an interest in ghosts, mythology, and archaeology. After a three year enlistment in the U.S. Army, Jeff returned to college where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology.

For several years Jeff worked for the U.S. Forest Service as an archaeologist in the Gifford Pinchot, the Boise, the Umatilla, and Mt. Hood National Forests. In 1995 Jeff and his wife moved to England for a year where he earned his MA in Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. His thesis topic was the lifestyle of the Viking settler in Greenland. That is where he received the inspiration for his publishing company name, Norsemen Ventures.

In addition to his work as a freelance archaeologist and researching books on the paranormal, Jeff is planning on traveling to Greenland and producing a multimedia CD on the Vikings who settled there. Read More...

Derek Bartlett: Derek formed CAIPRS in August 2001. Derek has always been looking for answers. These questions started as early as his childhood while hearing local legends and stories of New England ghosts and shipwrecks.

Since forming CAIPRS he has not only found a dedicated team who seek the same answers but has found more questions as to how and why paranormal events happen around us. Derek believes in a pragmatic, scientific approach to ghost hunting and uses both technical equipment and intensive historical research in his case work.

CAIPRS, led by Mr. Bartlett is involved with cases that span from New England to New Orleans and beyond. Derek is a former US Marine and employs the concepts of both discipline and an intense theoretical approach in his work. A self described "skeptical believer" he is not out to debunk everyone else's work as much as he is to prove his own findings. He maintains a high standard for CAIPRS and feels that leading by example is not only better for his own group, but for the overall perception of paranormal research groups as a whole.

Both Derek and CAIPRS are based in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. Read More...