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The Extreme Magic of Eric


About Eric Wilzig

Considered the HOTTEST RISING STAR in the magic industry today, award-winning illusionist Eric Wilzig has captivated audiences worldwide with one of the LARGEST touring illusion shows in the country! Combining an explosive mix of cutting-edge illusions, daring escapes, outrageous stunts, cool music, and special effect lighting, The Extreme Magic of Eric can only be labeled as INTENSELY ENTERTAINING and totally DIFFERENT than anything else out there today!

Case in point: Eric will hang UPSIDE-DOWN 20 FEET IN THE AIR, locked up in a straightjacket, as he attempts to escape the death-defying "Jaws" — a feat inspired by Harry Houdini but more dangerous than he ever imagined.

With ovation-filled acts on NBC's hit TV Show "America’s Got Talent" ... sold-out shows at The Tropicana, Caesars, and The Resorts Hotel in Atlantic City ... headline performances both nationally and internationally in Times Square, Las Vegas, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean ... Eric and his lovely assistant Taylor bring a youthful modern vitality and passion to make magic cool again! It’s a high-energy show for the entire family that you just have to see to believe!

Celebrities have witnessed this global phenomenon as well. TV show host Nick Cannon proclaimed Eric's magic on “America’s Got Talent” as “Simply Amazing!”; former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neil declares Eric’s show to be “like no other!”; TV actress Kelly Rutherford describes Eric as “charming, energetic, with incredible illusions”; Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson believes "Eric is insane -- insanely good that is!", and radio personality Carla Marie of the Elvis Duran Radio Show exclaimed, "Eric, you blew me away! Your magic is absolutely awesome!"

Eric has been the recipient of a variety of awards, most notably the prestigious “Tannen’s Stage Magic Champion.” His inimitable style, personality and humor resonate with young and old alike, and has "Extreme Fans" of all ages all over the world! Don’t miss The Extreme Magic of Eric — get ready to be uniquely entertained as never before!