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Emil and Dariel


Two Florida teenagers induced Howard Stern to jump from his seat, and enticed more than 900,000 YouTube viewers to click play — by rocking out on their cellos.

Finding instant fame with an animated, electric cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" on "America's Got Talent," Emil and Dariel Liakhovetski are ready to bring their amazing show to YOUR CAMPUS.

During their audition, which first aired June 22, the schoolboyish teens ambled onstage in collared shirts and straddled their instruments. The brothers, who have been playing classical cello since they were preschoolers, played the opening burst of "Purple Haze," and the audience in the New Jersey studio roared with approval.

Stern, one of the show's four celebrity judges, told the brothers, "I loved the element of surprise, and you guys just shocked us. You just went to being the coolest guys on the block."