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Stephen Knight


About Stephen Knight

The theatre grows dark...the music swells...the curtain rises...and the audience begins a journey into a magical world of mystery and illusion. Their guide for the evening is illusionist Stephen Knight -- the very embodiment of high-energy magical entertainment. More than just a performer of tricks, Stephen engages his audience by using illusion, comedy, drama, music and special effects to create a unique theatrical experience.

Having studied various forms of magic for over twenty years, Knight has refined his focus specifically to the discipline of theatrical illusion. While some consider this just a parade of tricky boxes, lovely assistants, and smoke and mirrors, Stephen combines the ancient arts of magic and storytelling with modern theatrical technology to create moments of wonder that completely captivate the imagination. By developing situations and storylines as a framework within which the magic occurs, Knight elevates his performance beyond the presentation of mere puzzles. Whether he's "auditioning" an audience member for the role of his new assistant (by sawing her in half) or traveling back in time to perform a disco-style illusion, Stephen's style is dynamic, offbeat and definitely original. By evening's end, the audience has enjoyed a mind-bending whirlwind of entertainment that can only be described as pure magic.