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Murray Sawchuck


About Murray Sawchuck

Murray has toured the world for 18 years from Singapore to Paris and everywhere in between. Internationally acclaimed award winning magician Murray SawChuck has received over 24 awards, including the title "World Champion Magician" in Shanghai, China. He dazzled the judges and 22 million TV viewers as a finalist on "America's Got Talent" and currently appears on The History Channel's #1 rated series "Pawn Stars."

Murray's star power has exploded on to the entertainment scene with the charisma, personality and talent of an entertainer born to be on stage and screen. He is highly recognizable and has worked his entire career on his look to create his unique brand. Murray has performed for EVERY type of audience possible and under the most challenging circumstances. Ironically he confesses, "That's how a lot of my new material has been born, by taking risks and performing for the unknown!"

Over the last 10 years of performing in Las Vegas, Murray has become a regular on celebrity red carpets and in supporting his favorite charities. Murray just had his two year anniversary performing on the Las Vegas Strip at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino.

America's Got Talent changed Murray's career forever, when over 22 million viewers saw Murray, live on national television, produce a brand new Ferrari, turn a girl into a 450lbs tiger, and vanish a 1918 steam train. The train vanish is still the largest illusion ever to be performed on the America's Got Talent stage over the last 8 seasons. Murray went from being recognized nationally to a worldwide brand, as after it aired throughout the USA, they rebroadcast is over seas to Europe and Asia.

After Murray's successful run on America's Got Talent, the History Channel's hit show Pawn Stars asked Murray to go on tour with the Pawn Stars and be the live host for all of their public appearances around the United States. This lead to Murray becoming the resident "magic expert" and series regular on the History Channel's # 1 hit show. Pawn Stars is viewed by 8 million people every week, in over 135 different countries around the world. To date, Murray has filmed 7 episodes and 4 of the episodes are in the shows current rotation. Since Pawn Stars is on cable, one of Murray's episodes is probably airing right now somewhere in the world.

Because of Murray's close relationship with the Pawn Stars, Murray has brokered a deal to be the exclusive show in Las Vegas that can have promotional material at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, where they film the hit TV show. The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is currently the number one tourist attraction in Las Vegas (outside of a casino) averaging between 3,000 - 5,000 tourists a day!

Murray is a recurring guest family member on Hallmark channel's HOME & FAMILY show, which is filmed on the Universal Studios Backlot where he is billed as their resident "Celebrity Magician." doing new tricks everytime on air, Murray also participates in other segments with the shows celebrity guests and co-hosts. Murray just filmed his largest illusion for the show, where he produced a 950lbs grizzly bear in front of a LIVE studio audience out of a completely empty tool shed in the blink of an eye.

The bear illusion has now been documented as the largest magic trick ever performed on morning television!

Murray is constantly in meetings or discussions with producers and television executives working towards his next TV appearance, which happens monthly. His recent guest appearances have been on Top Gear USA, Last Comic Standing, LET'S MAKE A DEAL, and TLC's 4 HOUSES. Over the next couple of months you will see him on Wipe Out, Brain Games, Wizard Wars, and Masters of Illusion.

Combine these appearances with his regular re-occurring role on Pawn Stars, Murray understands the power of TV exposure and how being on television consistently increases national visibility. This all equates to an increase in ticket sales and more people coming to your property.

Murray's show is an entertainment rollercoaster of 70 Minutes of laughs, mind blowing magic, audience participation, 3 large scale illusions, and a world champion guest act "lefty" who is woven throughout the whole show as Murray's comical sidekick who surprises the guests with a few tricks up his own sleeve. Lefty is one of the best card manipulation acts in the world. To round out the cast, Murray's gorgeous assistant, "Chloe" one of Las Vegas's top showgirls direct from London, England and who was just featured in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Murray has just completed one successful year at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino with rave reviews. Mike Weatherford rated Murray's show a grade B and the show has seen people come back time and time again, as Murray likes to change his routines for repeat customers and new audience members to enjoy.

Murray's social media presence is very strong with over 45,000 Twitter followers and over 10,000 Facebook friends, both growing everyday. Murray does between 2-5 red carpet events a week, he posts to Facebook about 5-10 times a day, and on average, posts 5-15 tweets a day.

Google has made him a media priority including him in Google News. Whenever any celebrity comes to see Murray's show, he has a camera on site to take a photo, which will be posted within the hour. Murray has a strong IMDB (International Movie Data Base) and Wikipedia presences, along with fan sites, websites, and social media hubs branching off all of his own controlled sites.

With Murray, you're one click away from the world knowing.

One of Murray's favorite things about being a celebrity is how he can help the many charities he is involved with. One of Murray's charities that is close to his heart, and that he does a yearly benefit show for is "Friends for Life Humane Society." This is a no kill dog shelter where Murray has personally rescued two dogs from. http://www.friendsforlifehumanesociety.org.

Murray has been the host for the last 3 years for Alice Cooper's Charity the Solid Rock Foundation http://www.alicecoopersolidrock.com/events/christmas-pudding-2011/ held every year in Phoenix, Arizona. Murray has also hosted the Red Carpet for the last 4 years at the NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) http://www.missingkids.com/home an event that Canon sponsors in Las Vegas along with John Walsh, the host of America's Most Wanted.

Other charities that Murray strongly supports:

This list keeps growing every year. Murray believes in having a very strong presence with charities as it's all about giving back. Nothing is stronger than the MAGIC of helping others. For Murray, that is truly magic!

The first Las Vegas casino Murray performed in was the legendary "new Frontier Hotel and Casino" where he headlined his own show. From there, he moved down the strip and performed as a featured act in the Crazy Horse show, direct from Paris, which was at the MGM Grand hotel and casino. He also performed his full evening show two nights in a row for 8,000 people each night in the performing arts center at Planet Hollywood Casino. Murray then made guest appearances at the Palms Hotel Executive Awards Night and in the main showroom at the Flamingo Hotel. For the past two years, Murray's Las Vegas residency has been at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.

Murray has toured over the last 18 years, which has made his presence known worldwide. Combine that with living and performing in Las Vegas for the last 10 years, Murray has figured out how to make his brand successful and how to keep his show running in Las vegas around the world.