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Robert Channing

About Robert Channing

Bio: Robert Channing is renowned for his E.S.P. ability to demonstrate the incredible power of the human mind. Audiences are consistently amazed and left awestruck by his performances.

Think of Robert Channing as a hacker of the human brain - presenting routines that exploit it's bugs and loopholes, and offering a revealing look at the software behind our ears.

Channing's repertoire ranges from outrageous stunts - driving a car at full-speed, blindfolded - to mind control, including mind reading. The World's Greatest Mentalist and Mind Reader's relaxed style has made him an audience favorite worldwide, both in live shows and on his many television appearances and upcoming series "Your Mind's Eye" and "Connections" with Robert Channing.

He was recently named college/university "Campus Entertainer of the Year 2009" as well as being nominated "Event Solutions" Corporate Meetings & Events Entertainer of the Year! He is one of the official entertainers for the United Nations "From Hunger to Hope" along side ambassadors former President Bill Clinton and Mariah Carey.

About The Show: Robert Channing's spectacular E.S.P. Show is exactly what you need to satisfy the taste of your audience. Robert's exciting, entertaining and mind-boggling show will have your audience on the edge of their seats, squirming with anticipation and sheer thrill.

Robert Channing's show is amazing, riveting and clean - with a perfect blend of comedy. This dramatic yet up-beat program masterfully illustrates the strange and incredible mysteries of the mind. Your audience will thank you for having Robert's show and will look forward to the next Channing event you host.

Your whole audience will participate and experience the fascinating and mysterious wonders of the sixth sense. Pick a thought -- any thought. Robert will tell you what it is. Social security numbers, special dates or even the exact amount of money in someone's pocket - it's no challenge to Robert Channing - but your mind will ache with curiosity and wonder. Special thoughts, specific people, special events - if it is on your mind - Robert can reveal these innermost thoughts. All this and more - while maintaining a level of professionalism and sensitivity to the privacy of your audience.

No information is ever given to Robert before the performance. The names, numbers, and innermost thoughts that he reveals are those actually held in the minds of the audience -- all strangers to him. Robert offers a 100% full refund of his fee to anyone who can prove that there are stooges or informants planted in the audience. We are so confident that you will be nothing less than thrilled with this show - that Robert offers a money back guarantee.

Robert Channing's Amazing ESP Show is sure to leave your audience amazed and thoroughly entertained.

"He knows what you are wearing RIGHT NOW. Don't believe it? Call and see for yourself!"

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