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Blake Grantham


About Blake Grantham

Bio: Blake is no stranger to the spotlight, He starred on his own morning show on the radio in Las Vegas (90.5 FM Radio) from 1995-97. He also toured with Annie Meadows from 1997-99 opening up for her with stand-up comedy. He is presently the editor of satirical news stories for Unconfirmed Breaking News at

He also Wrote and produced a film called "Running for Jenny". It is a family friendly drama which has presently been submitted to the Gene Siskel Film Festival in Chicago.

He is a satirist/humorist originally from Chicago, Illinois. He is the editor of Unconfirmed Breaking News at which is a satirical new website that is read daily in over 20 countries. As a Christian/Conservative he lectures on:

  • The validity/history of the bible
  • Evolution versus the bible
  • America's Christian History

Or exclusively stand-up comedy

Blake has performed at many events across the United States. He is eager to bring his show to you, and most importantly, he can entertain you, inform you, or make you laugh.

More videos from Blake are below: